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How well is your organization navigating the changes in the development assistance landscape?  Organizations that engage in international development through large contracts, grants or cooperative agreements from USAID or other government agencies are in a humanitarian business where competition for technical expertise and funding is fierce and profit margins are often low.  One factor that can heavily influence, first, whether a contract is winnable and, second, whether it comes in on or under budget, is the quality of the team the prime contractor puts together from among its own staff and subcontractors. 


Insights in Action, Inc. is a highly prized subcontractor. that stands ready to meet your organization's high standards for development as a discipline and for succeeding in a competitive marketplace.  It has a strong track record working under five major contractors on projects for USAID, the State Department, and multi-lateral donors.  Moreover, it is well regarded for its productivity, reliability and professionalism. 


As a matter of principle, Insights in Action unreservedly brings its knowledge and skills to the table, delivers on time, and is totally committed to its client's satisfaction. It works smoothly and flexibly as part of project teams, requires minimal oversight, and lends its reputation to any project upon which it brings to bear its core competencies.


As a for-profit consulting firm that has been in business for more than 16 years, Insights in Action understands the business side of contracting.  It helps keep costs down and margins up, and helps its clients succeed and be more competitive for future grants and contracts.


“Debbi is a first-class trainer who combines highly valued knowledge and understanding of complex material with well-honed skills as a presenter and designer. Debbi is a tremendous team player and listens carefully to input from all directions, while also understanding client needs even as they change on the fly. I look forward to working with Debbi again at the earliest opportunity.”      -- Thomas Buck, Synergy Strategies Group

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