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Taming the Dragons of the Unknown
In days of old, maps were often incomplete, reflecting the limits of exploration. It was not uncommon to see, "Beyond here there be dragons" written at the edge of a map. Effective organizations often push the boundaries of their own experience and knowledge and innovate in ways that takes them into new territory. Insights in Action, Inc. exists to help them tame the dragons of the unknown.

Insights in Action usually engages at the point that Board and staff have perceived the need to undertake a significant innovation in the organization's approach or structure. We help refine vision, mission and strategy; develop robust implementation plans; and find new partners and resources. In short, we help our clients translate their insights into action.

As our name implies, Insights in Action's approach is very hands-on. We do not advise from a distance or stop with recommendations. Instead we roll up our sleeves and act more as adjunct staff, taking on real responsibility for finding funds, identifying and approaching potential partners, designing and delivering capacity-building training, and launching new initiatives.
We contribute to our clients' success by applying our core competencies to their issues and opportunities.  Our strengths related to organizational innovation include:
  • Strategic thinking and plannning
  • Scenario planning
  • Revenue growth and diversification
  • Board and staff capacity development
  • Strategic partner development

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